12 Things Men Should Know About Women :


Men Dating Advice

1. We are always open to meeting our Prince Charming. It doesn’t matter where we are or what we’re wearing,doing or who we’re with. We want to be swept off our feet by a perfect stranger when we least expect it.

2. We judge a man by how he treats the women in his family. Mother, sisters, etc. How a man talks to and about those women in his life, says a lot about his character.

3. We want you to take control and lead. Even when and especially if we’re challenging you, we need you to step up and put us in our place. Don’t put up with our drama, princess fits, or nagging. Tell us what you’ll tolerate and what you won’t. We’ll respect you for it.

4. When we’re upset, mad or sad, we want to be comforted. Wrap your arms around us and just hold us. It will make a world of difference. We may push you away at first, but we really need to be held when we’re upset, even if we hate you at that moment. (If we’re really upset we may just need to be alone. You should still try to hold us first.)

5. When a woman says “Fine” when referring to anything, there’s a problem. Our vocabulary includes hundreds of other words that could be used besides “Fine”. If you apologized and we say “that’s fine”, it really isn’t. We would’ve said we forgive you and “that’s ok”. If you ask how we’re doing and we say “I’m fine”, that’s your cue to dig deeper or just hold us. Just know that “Fine” is anything but that.

6. A present of any kind unexpectedly and “just because” means 100 times more to us than a gift on a holiday or our birthday. That’s just a fact. It doesn’t have to be big or expensive. The thought always counts. You didn’t have to do it but did, which means the world to us.

7. We love dates when you have every detail figured out and only tell us what time you’re picking us up and what to wear. The time, effort, and thought it takes to plan something like that makes our heart melt, and we’ll admire you even more than before.

8. Women are like mirrors. We really are. We reflect and give the love, affection, and dedication we see you give to us. If you’re open and give us the loyalty, attention, and love, we’ll give it right back. We need you to set the tone though. Be brave and lead.

9. We all adore a man in a tailored suit. A man in a suit is to women, what a woman in lingerie is to a man. It makes us weak in the knees. There’s nothing hotter.

10. We love it when you tease us. Verbally, physically, all of it.

11. We love it when you say “I adore you“. It means the world to us and makes us feel treasured.

12. We love getting your text messages. It doesn’t have to be anything outrageous or long. Just a note to say “Thinking of you” is enough to make us smile & feel warm and fuzzy.

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Marina Lavochin
Personal Stylist & Dating Coach

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